Our Story

Our Story

Creativity has always burst at the seams of couple Joel and Rachel Cooper. Within their designs, music, travels and family, Joel and Rachel have developed a lifstyle shaped around happiness, wild adventures and creating pieces with soul.

Frank & Dolly’s was established in 2005,  as a boutique design label. Mother and Daughters Jane, Rachel and Sarah drew upon their generational history of dress making and fabric design, handcrafting pieces that told stories, that were one of a kind and that communicated the universal language of handmade.

Five years on Joel, Rachel and Jane birthed the first Frank & Dolly’s Retails design store. This space embodied everything their creations held true and quickly became a creative hub for those seeking hand crafted beauty, community, treasures and a breath of fresh air in the retail experience. People became interested in Joel and Rachel’s story and products, their travels around far away cities, their treasure hunting for rare fabrics and creative souls, and their approach to having a young family and a thriving business.

With the success of the Label & Store, Frank & Dolly’s grew to a new space, located on the leafy Garden Street in East Geelong.  It may be the warm wooden floors, the light that floods through the windows on to the racks of garments, the hand-painted fabric crafted into bespoke dresses, the embroidery and rich bohemian colours, the foreign music filling the air or just the smile that beams your way from behind the counter.. this is what draws people in from all over the country.

Priding on the fact that every piece has a story and every garment is ethically made,  Frank & Dolly’s is the expression of designers Joel and Rachel Cooper, and an insight into their life of Bohemian colour and adventure. With three children by their side, travel in their blood and fabric in their hands, the Coopers continue to create timeless collections inspired from all over the world.

It’s about living beautifully and filling our precious days with design, truth, family, travel, art, music, inspiration and justice.

And finally, the name… Frank & Dolly’s is named after Rachel’s Nanna and Popa.  Dolly was a seamstress and fell in love after meeting Frank when making shirts in the war.  Dolly taught Jane, who then taught Rachel, everything about sewing, creating, being resourceful, all whilst running a family and having a cheeky sense of humour.

Frank, Dolly and Sarah never got to see Frank & Dolly’s in the bricks and mortar form, but we know they have been a part of every step, big and small.

Design, truth, family, travel ,art, music, inspiration & justice