Velvet Maxi Skirt – Violet

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Velvet Moon // Where magic dances through lush velvets, rich linens, colourful embroidery, simple denim and hand painted embellishments. We will meet you under the Velvet Moon… 

Get ready to float your way through winter with this striking velvet maxi skirt!

In rich colours, reminiscent of Bohemian Soirées under the moon light, this three teared, elastic waisted skirt is glorious! 

Available in XS | S | M | L | XL

P.S the amazing Lace top featured here is coming in Spring!

Measurements: (zipper in left side)

XS : Waist 74cm, Length 90

S : Waist 78cm, Length 91

M : Waist 82cm, Length 92

L : Waist 86cm, Length 93

XS : Waist 90cm, Length 94


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