date night

Barcelona. Its 36 degrees. The European summer is upon us. We

are staying in a home you would actually believe was once the

home of Frieda & Diego. Bold paintings fill every inch of the

turquoise walls, the red chairs sit imperfectly around the wooden

table adorned with a yellow jug of bright pink flowers, and upon

the wrought iron beds are crisp white linen sheets, embroidered

with red symbols, and a mound of velvet plush cushions with

oversized tassels. It’s the perfect introduction to Spain.

After a day slipping in and out of the pool, surrounded with

terracotta pots and charismatic cacti, we were actually on schedule

for an early dinner and an early bed.

Like every house hold with 3 young children the bedtime routine

can take anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours. But with well

worn out little limbs, and sunned noses, every one was sound

asleep by 8pm. This story could end here, and we’d all be feeling

pretty happy. High fives all round.


When travelling around the world, Rachel and I don’t get a lot of

time one on one. The roles of Husband/Wife/Parent/Business

Partner seamlessly become one, and we are constantly dancing

between conversations about business, home schooling, new

campaigns, travel destinations, all whilst cuddling a child or

cooking a pasta.


So tonight was our big night… our first official Date Night in 6

months. We couldn’t go out dancing the flamenco till 2am, we

couldn’t even duck down the street to the local bar. But what we

could do was catch up with the rest of the world and watch…. “The

Greatest Showman”.


This has literally been 6 months in the making. When we landed in

Indonesia at the start of the year I said to Rachel, ‘We are going to

have so much time together this year, every night we’ll put the kids

down and just hang out.. lets watch The Greatest Showman and

learn all the songs and sing them to each other’. HA!

Now, on the 10th of July, sprawled out on our Frieda bed, fan on

the highest setting, eating potato chips and drinking San

Pellegrino, I flipped open the laptop and we watched it… All.

Why is this important? Because we did it.

We work really hard every day on our business and our beautiful

little family. We are constantly making choices that will shape the

stories we will be sharing for years to come. The stories our kids

will be telling of their childhood. We thrive off travelling, and

designing and parenting.


When we packed our lives, our family and our business in to five

suitcases people would farewell us by saying ‘have a nice holiday’.

But what they didn’t realise is that this isn’t a holiday, its our every

day life. Our home is now just all over the world. And we always,

ALWAYS, get asked on our social media, ‘how do we do it all, travel

the world with a family and business?’


And the answer is simple. This is our chosen lifestyle.

You have to be willing to work hard, on all fronts, and enjoy each

moment as they come your way. We were not at all sad that it took

6 months to watch a movie together, it actually made us realise

how productive we have been as a team over the last six months.

While we weren’t watching a movie, we were planning a wild

adventure along the ancient Tea Trail in China, or designing a new

collection, or laying next to our little ones, singing them to sleep.

And when the right moment came to sit and watch the movie, it

was perfect.


Choose how you want to spend your days, and remember today is the story of tomorrow.

Joel and Rach x