Leaving Italy was hard. We fell in love with everything it

offered us.. and we had an instant connection with the

country. The landscape, the food, the people, the art,

the siestas, the food, the culture, the villages, the history.. did

i mention the food… oh my gosh, everything was magical.

We are learning so much as we go, and one thing we

have learnt is to ‘fiercely follow our instinct’.


There is something inside every one of us, that voice, that

feeling, that calls you to listen, and to trust! And there’s

nothing like travelling with 3 small children, to really test that

little feeling deep within.


The amount of times things don’t go to plan; struggling with a

language barrier where no one speaks English; or being the

only Westerners in the remote Chinese village; or the GPS not

being able to find your Airbnb address; or working out the

currency exchange only to realise you paid four times as much

as you should have… things are forever crossing our path,

where we have to make quick decisions.

And this is one of the things we actually LOVE about being on

the road.. we are activating our instinct and running with it.

And thanks to our listening, EVERY house we have stayed in,

EVERY thing we have said ‘no’ too, and on the flip, EVERY

thing we have said to ‘yes’ too, has worked out perfectly..

Air BNB has been our best friend. We have stayed in the most

incredible homes all around the world. Not by chance,

by instinct.


How? We don’t just choose the first house that

appears, or the one that’s the cheapest or the one that’s going

to look the best on an instagram photo (ha ha ha).. But

knowing how important a sense of ‘home’ is to making this

trip work smoothly, we fiercely follow our instinct, and make

sure every thing aligns before we hit the ‘book’ button. The

most important investment for anyone travelling long term

with kids should be your accommodation, the place you call

home. This can take hours and hours of endless planning and

‘letting things rest’.. but we know that when we settle on a

decision its going to be the right thing for each member of our

little tribe.


This applies to our business too..

Who’s the boss? We are.

Who makes the calls? We do.

Who works super hard? We do.

So first and foremost our instinctual decisions will always be

the best for our business!


Did everyone think closing our thriving boutique store and

travelling around the world was the best decision?

No, of course not.

But something inside of us, that voice, that feeling, knew that

it had to be done! And boy, oh boy, the fruits of that decision

are far greater than we could’ve dreamed.


So, my travel tip (and business tip):


to your instinct.

because something can align with 1000 people, but if it doesn’t

align with you, dont do it.

Love Joel & Rach