Our Values

Our garments are all ethically Crafted across Indonesia and India, two of our favourite countries in the world as they both have a rich culture of textiles, printing and colour.

Indonesia: Lead by our head Tailor and production Manager Jero, we work with 20 independent seamstresses in the Lodtunduh Village. They work from one Central Studio, or have the option to work from home. All women we know by name, have worked alongside and earn a living wage.

India: Managed by Rajesh and Dora, we work all over India under their GCP Banner which carries with it Ethical, Fair-trade, GOTS and Handloom Mark Accreditations

We choose to work with all Natural Fibres, and when we have the opportunity we will always proceed with the most sustainable options.

We source all our own fabrics as we are passionate about fabric texture, feel and weight

We use independent, highly skilled artisans throughout Indonesia and India to create our Iconic fabrics.

We value the story of our garments and are passionate about traditional printing techniques and producing fabric that embodies the narrative of the creative process.

So when you hold a Frank & Dollys garment understand that you are holding something that has been created by hands, over time with thought and care.

We are plastic free across all Imports and Customer Orders.

We use Better Packaging Co for Online orders, which are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials.

Our Swing Tags, Paper and Labels are made in Indonesia

We work out of our studio in Bangalow and prioritise sustainable practice on a daily basis. We are also strong believers in work/life balance, and offer flexible work hours and flexibility in the space of which we work from.

Recycling, repurposing, composting, plastic free and shopping local and are daily priorities in our Studio.

1% of all Profits get donated to the Offspring Project

Offspring rescue young women in India from the bondage of Human Trafficking. Their focus is to break the cycle of re-trafficking through four key areas: vocational training, education, emotional support and a safe place to live.

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We believe in circular fashion and we can all have a positive effect on our planet by the way we wash, wear and share our garments!

Here’s some tips:

  • reducing washing, reduces water usage
  • use eco friendly washing powders, in plastic free packaging
  • use the sun to dry
  • keep your garments longer, and find new ways to wear them
  • mend, or repurpose garments
  • if you’re finished with a garment, join the F&D buy swap sell page and keep


But what does that actually mean?

Each garment has a story to tell, and we believe that every hand that touches the garment is a part of its journey. Everything starts with us, on our design table, pouring our heart in to designing beautiful shapes, styles and colours that you will love.

What then started in Ubud as a one on one relationship between Rachel and Jero, designer and seamstress, has grown into an independent workshop space employing 20 local women from the Lodtunduh village to create our Collections.

2020 has also see the inclusion of a second manufacturer in India, providing us with official Fair Trade, Ethical, Organic, GOTS and Heirloom Mark accreditations.

We want to honour every person, and their skills, and we want to encourage consumers to understand the whole story of a garment. The incredible techniques used in every Frank & Dolly’s garment you wear, and the time that goes in to every piece, should be celebrated!

We are very passionate about keeping our vision and manufacturing philosophy at the core of our business, and therefore have spent years building solid working relationships with individuals, who we know personally, work alongside with and continue to support the independent maker and producer.

Our Vision goes beyond this. We are constantly working towards more Sustainable ways to run our business. This is an ever evolving journey, but we are working hard behind the scenes to make this happen, and constantly asking ourselves ‘how can we do this better?’ to continue on the road of progression. From every part of the Chain, the raw materials, the manufacturing, to our dispatch, to our re-use and slow fashion ethos. All this to create a more long term, sustainable, Fashion Industry.

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