Our Vision

Our Vision

At Frank & Dolly’s, we make pieces with soul.

But what does that actually mean?

Each garment has a story to tell, and we believe that every hand that touches the garment is a part of its journey. Everything starts with us, on our design table, pouring our heart in to designing beautiful shapes, styles and colours that you will love.

We then take our designs and concepts to our incredible makers, and we have an open-door, transparent approach to all our processes when it comes to making a garment.

We work with small, independent fabric makers and dyers, whose studios we have been in, worked in, created in, and spent a lot time in. It might sound cliché, but for us it’s the honest truth, we are passionate about including every maker we work with as a part of our F&D Family. So that we can see the process of each element in the creation of each garment, and the conditions of which each garment is produced in.

When was it ever ok to turn a blind eye to the manufacturing of the clothes we wear? We work on the opposite philosophy. We want to honour every person, and their skills, and we want to encourage consumers to understand the whole story of a garment. The incredible techniques used in every Frank & Dolly’s garment you wear, and they time that goes in to every piece, should be celebrated!

All prices and time frames are set by the Makers, with no ‘middle-man’, but income going direct to the producer/artisan.

We are very passionate about keeping our vision and manufacturing philosophy at the core of our business, and therefore have years building solid working relationships with individuals, who we know personally, work alongside with and continue to support the independent maker and producer. We have had to say ‘No’ to many opportunities, because they didn’t align with our core vision.


But our Vision is far greater than this. We are constantly working towards more Sustainable ways to run our business. This is an ever evolving journey, but we are working hard behind the scenes to make this happen, and constantly asking ourselves ‘how can we do this better?’ to continue on the road of progression. From every part of the Chain, the raw materials, the manufacturing, to our dispatch, to our re-use and slow fashion ethos.

All this to create a more long term, sustainable, Fashion Industry.

(Watch out BTS Videos, read our Blog and meet the makers and the incredible hands that go in to creating a F&D piece)


For our summer Collection the Cotton is all grown in Indonesia, and woven at the Printing House. They are working on their official Organic Certification at the moment, and go to the Cotton Farms direct, purchase the yarn and then weave it at their workshop. The Rayon they source for the Jumpsuit is processed in Indonesia, from all natural materials.
We chose this company as the supply chain was only 3 steps and all local to the particular area of Indonesia.. making its footprint on the planet light. 
Step 1 – Farmer 
Step 2 – Weaver/Dyer/Printer 
Step 3 – Our Tailor
The Collection is Digital Printed, and the dyes are water based reactive inks that are certified with Oeko-tex Standard 100.


Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision