Seconds & Samples

As you may remember, we had our Annual Warehouse Sale in Geelong at the start of the year, and we promised we would extend it to our loyal online community… So here we go!

About the stock:

As you know, all our our garments are crafted and printed by hand! So with is in mind, there may be a handful of garments per collection that have small imperfections. 

Whether that be a little smudge where the screen has moved when printing, a little ripple in the colour when being hand dyed, or a colour mixup in a panel of fabric… These pieces get set aside as ‘imperfect/seconds’.

The structure of the garment is totally perfect!

Here you will find these perfectly imperfect, one off items, at a special price!

Please Note, as per the warehouse sale, all items are sold as is and are non-refundable.


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